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Meningitis claims

Half a million people living in the UK have had meningitis with about 9,000 new viral and bacterial meningitis cases every year. Sadly, 1 in 10 cases of bacterial meningitis are fatal and 1 in 3 survivors are left with lifelong after-effects. 

Meningitis Now - Boyes Turner Brighter Futures Partner

Meningitis can affect anyone, of any age, at any time. At Boyes Turner, we can help rebuild lives and support families suffering from the impact of this disease.

Our commitment in the fight against meningitis

We are proud to be a Brighter Future Partner with UK charity Meningitis Now - joining them, in their 30th anniversary, in the fight against meningitis. We work closely with the charity to raise awareness and ensure everyone affected by the disease gets the support they need to improve their future.

Despite the advances brought about by Meningitis Now’s work over the last 30 years, meningitis remains a threat and thousands of people live their lives with its devastating consequences.

We are committed to supporting families who have been affected by meningitis and are determined to seek answers to concerns about meningitis medical care. Click here to read about some of the families we have helped.

If you would like to discuss any concerns about the medical care you or a loved one have received relating to meningitis, contact our specialist meningitis claims team for free and confidential advice on 0800 307 7620 or email [email protected].

The lifelong impact of meningitis

Meningitis is life changing, even when appropriate treatment is provided in a timely manner. However, if a diagnosis is missed or treatment is delayed, the avoidable consequences can be catastrophic. 

Thousands of families have lost loved ones to meningitis and many survivors are left with permanent after-effects such as hearing loss, epilepsy, amputation and learning difficulties.

As meningitis claims specialists we obtain maximum compensation and rehabilitation for survivors living with the impact of the disease following negligent meningitis medical care. 

We look to obtain early financial assistance for our clients to help them recover, rehabilitate and rebuild their lives. This early financial assistance can be used for further medical treatment, equipment and care needs.


Our fundraising pledge

We are excited to support Meningitis Now in their campaign for greater awareness of meningitis signs and symptoms and provide support services to families affected by the disease.

Our meningitis team has pledged to raise funds for Meningitis Now over the next year with a host of fundraising events. 

Making a meningitis negligence claim

If you or a member of your family have experienced a delay in treatment of meningitis or a missed diagnosis then please get in touch with our expert claim lawyers on 0800 307 7620 or email us at [email protected].

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